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Interview tips from a Pro

Read some tips on the do’s and don’ts of how to interview.
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It’s surprising how many candidates struggle with writing a strong CV, reflecting their amazing abilities and

proving they are the right person for the role.

We often receive CV’s lacking in information or which require editing and re-formatting.

We felt it would be a great idea to share some basic tips for putting together a great CV.


Good news for shoe and luxury aficionados!
Christian Louboutin has announced it will be opening its first freestanding store location in Canada! 


LinkedIn is a great tool for business networking, career advancement, talent sourcing and to exchange and collaborate on business ideas.

Many use it professional and personal branding purposes as well.

But unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn is less ‘social’ and more business oriented.

If you’re not getting the traction you hoped for perhaps it’s time to rethink your strategy.

Here are five top tips to consider while using LinkedIn. 


The third Monday of the year which falls is the third Monday in January is the worst!
It’s reported to be the most depressing day of the year. Typically credit card bills from the holidays come in, the weather is bleak and doesn’t feel hopeful and many aren’t looking forward to anytime off until Easter, a good 3 months away!
So how can we remedy the winter blues, especially on this not so auspicious ‘Blue Monday'?
Here are a 8 tips to get through this day, this week and maybe even this season! 


With the start of a fresh New Year and the holidays behind us, we are all inching our way back to work and getting back to our regular schedules. It’s often during this time, (I like to call it the ‘holidays hangover’) many find themselves reflecting on how to improve their situations or simplify their lives.